Surface Grinding Machine

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Prayosha Enterprise is fastest the growing company and as an India’s largest surface grinding machine manufacturer and supplier in India. Our company arrests the happiness of presenting itself as per-eminent Manufacturer, provider of Surface grinding machine, CNC Thread Grinding Machine, Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine, Flat Surface Grinding Machine, Precision Surface Grinding Machine, cylindrical Surface Grinders and oil type Surface Grinders.

Our surface Grinder machine are popular worldwide and we supplier and exporter in the globe like country Australia, USA, UK, Spain, Nepal, Italy, Germany, Netherland, Bahrain, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Uganda, Philippines, Oman, Qatar, UAE and global market.

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Surface Grinding Machine

What Is Grinding?

Grinding is a finishing process used to improve surface finish, scrape hard materials, and stiffen the easiness on flat and cylindrical surface by removing a small amount of material.

What Is Surface Grinding Machine?

Surface grinding machine is designed to remove the unwanted material and to give finishing and final look to both metallic and non-metallic work piece. We are manufacturing these machines with a bed and a fixture to guide and hold the work piece. We have included a rotating sharp wheel that makes the machine capable of producing a smooth flat surface. These grinder machines achieve a desired productive result. We use common working materials like cast iron and steel. Other materials are aluminum, stainless steel, brass and some plastics. Surface grinders can be operated manually or have CNC controls. Used to make and sharpen, burns out, metal stamping die sets, flat shear blades, fixture bases or any flat and parallel surfaces.

Surface Grinding Machine Manufacturers

We are India’s fastest-growing company. We are one of the leading and best manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Surface grinding machine, Hydraulic Grinding Machine and Grinding machines in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are one of the chief manufacturers of diverse kinds of grinding machines in India of which Surface Grinding Machine is our best seller. We have different models of machines under this range which includes Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine and computerized Surface Grinding Machine of different capacities and features.

Our qualitative variety of Surface grinding machines is enormously demanded both in the domestic and international market because of their matchless, user-friendly operative features in addition to high precision operative control and aspects such as robust fabrication, high durability, absolute safety, highly accurate & consistent results, precise calibration, effortless maintenance and aptness for frequent application etc.

Our machinery are the outcome of the proficiency, effort as well as inattentiveness of our team of well-qualified professionals who toil bearing quality in mind.

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Surface Grinding Machine Supplier

Prayosha Enterprise is the largest manufacturer of high exactness surface grinding machines in India.We are reputed manufacturer and exporter of Surface grinding machine. Our registered trade mark which is renowned name in the field of Surface Grinders. Our main aim is to be the leader in every market we serve.We are happy to offer you a product bid modified to suit your specific requirements and application, and even bid you to learn about our grinders.We look onward to hear from you.

We Prayosha Enterprise has been successfully providing global manufacturer and suppliers of hydraulic surface grinding machine since year 2009. Owing to the success our company has been chosen as sourcing partner by some of the best machine manufacturing brands in the world. Our machines are manufactured under the guidance of experts to ensure longer life and best quality. Satisfying the requirements of customers and commitment to high quality products are the principles which form the keystone of the Prayosha enterprise.

Prayosha enterprise is back by robust manufacturing unit that is built in with cutting, molding, drilling, and CNC machines. With the best coordination of our professionals, we are able to design machines as per the changing requirements of our clients.


Surface Grinding Machine are used in many industrial sectors, but commonly it is used in the manufacturing sector of industry.Surface Grinding Machines efficiently functions for different metals as well as plastics. It is used in power generation. It is also used in manufacturing of clutch and gears, piston rings, engine blocks, washers and many more.

Surface Grinding Machine

Technical Specification
Table size ( L x W ) mm 1600 x 2500
Grinding range ( L x W ) mm 1660×2500
Max. grinding height with new wheel and without magnetic chuck mm 500
Distance from Table to spindle centre
Min. mm 65
Max. mm 700
Max. grinding width with relief at the front and rear mm 1675
Max. grinding width without relief at the front and rear mm 1600
Distance between column mm 1800
Accuracy As Per IS 2743
Control ( 3 Axis ) Mitsubishi/Siemens
Programming Standard ‘G’ code and ‘M’ code, With NC File
Diameter Max. mm 500
Min. mm 280
Width Std. mm 75
Optional mm 100
Bore mm 203.2
Wheel spindle (With AC VFD) kW 15
(HP) 20
Stroke mm 550
Rapid traverse m/min 3
Min. programmable increment mm 0.001
Stroke mm 1800
Rapid traverse m/min 3
Min. programmable increment mm 0.001
Max. Longitudinal traverse mm 2700
Infinitely variable speed m/min 0 – 18
Max. weight of the job
(ii) with chuck Kg 1000
(ii) without chuck Kg 2500
X-Axis With L.M Guide, Ball screw, and Servo Motor
Y-Axis With L.M Guide, Ball screw, and Servo Motor
Z-Axis With L.M Guide, Ball screw, and Servo Motor
Repeatability for 6 consecutive readings  Mm 0.002

Export Surface Grinding Machine

Our Surface grinding Machines are well-liked in the worldwide nations owing to their outstanding features and unsurpassed quality. Our products stand up to the International quality standards. Our quality compounds, regardless of their brilliant quality are affordably priced. Consequently they are considered as ideal choice by numerous countries all over the world. The list of countries that recurrently and frequently import our Surface Grinding Machine incorporates Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Uganda, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri lanka etc.

CNC Profile Grinding Machine

CNC Surface Grinding Machine Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India Prayosha enterprise is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of CNC profile surface grinder. Precisely engineered, CNC profile surface grinder promise utmost surface grinding exactness as well as finish. Our CNC profile surface grinders also make sure of speedy performance at low operation cost. Driven by

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